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Georgian cuisine

What do you know about Georgian cuisine? What traditional dishes can you immediately name?

Most likely, in your provisional TOP khachapuri, traditional barbecue, kinkily and, of course, Georgian wine! One cannot argue with this, but, in fact, Georgian cuisine is much deeper. This is a separate world and a real paradise for a gourmet. We happened to visit Adjara and taste tiff

The bad news: when you come to Georgia, you will gain weight.  Even the most ardent adherents of a healthy lifestyle cannot refuse a supplement. In Georgia, you strive to try everything, and spicy aromas only whet your appetite!

Georgians are very proud of the diversity of their cuisine and rightly so: they have something for every taste – from vegetarian herbal pates to complex meat dishes, not to mention the variety of desserts.

The peculiarity of Georgian food is 100% natural products.  An additional touch to each dish is fresh herbs, which give subtle aromas and leave a pleasant aftertaste.

Where to start your immersion in the world of delicious Adjara cuisine?  The second story says: Adjara khachapuri owes its form to religious beliefs and personifies the sun.

Each corner of Georgia keeps its own recipes for making khachapuri: khachapuri on a skewer, khachapuri flatbread, double khachapuri, khachapuri from puff pastry, khachapuri with phalli, Megrelian khachapuri – you can go on and on!

In addition to khachapuri, Georgia has no less famous culinary masterpieces. For example, kinkily. If you are now thinking about the “giant dumpling” or what you saw in our supermarkets, you are definitely mistaken. Kinkily is a culinary work of art: the thinnest delicate dough, delicately folded into a kind of “knot”.

They eat kinkily, like chicken, only with their hands. Otherwise, you risk depriving yourself of the most delicious: after all, this is not the meat itself, generously mixed with cilantro and other herbs, but the juice that it releases when cooked. This thick broth should be drunk directly from the kinkily, holding it by the “tail” of the dough and biting on the side.  But how delicious it is!

What is remarkable: in one of the restaurants we asked what would happen if we fry kinkily. Instead of colorful stories or assumptions, the waiter simply took our dishes from the kinkily and took them away.

After 5-7 minutes, there were plates with ruddy fried kinkily on our table. But, honestly, fried kinkily are not the same anymore – they are more like pasties. Therefore, we recommend ordering them in the traditional way, despite the fact that experiments adorn travel, even if they are gastronomic.

Asking Georgians what you should try is risky, because you will have to taste the entire menu, which, by the way, will contain a lot of herbs and spices: our favorites are Svan salt and dry adjika.

Not without barbecue! After all, what Georgian man does not know how to fry shish kebab? The secret of the perfect Georgian barbecue is simple: meat, salt and pepper.  The vine on which it is fried makes Georgian shish kebab doubly delicious. You haven’t eaten kebabs like this before!

Of course, Shinobi should be highlighted as a separate item. “C… Excuse me?” – you ask.

This dish looks, of course, unusual, but it is worthy of applause. Essence: unleavened rolls (flour and water) are poured over yogurt (fermented milk product), garlic and Svan salt are added. It’s indescribable! In general, when you try Georgian dishes, it is really difficult to speak: the forces remain only for admiring lowing and affirmative nods in response to the question “additives?”.

Cheese is a separate chapter of Georgian cuisine.  When serving cheese, they will tell you where it came from, how it was made, what is its specificity. We dare to advise: pay special attention to smoked suluguni!

Phalli is an appetizer that cannot be passed by when talking about the cuisine of Georgia. A huge number of herbs are ground into a kind of pate and necessarily decorated with pomegranate seeds (by the way.

this is one of the favorite decorations for dishes in this country). Phalli is one of the most inexpensive cold snacks. A distinctive feature of the dish is that it can be prepared both from the root crop and from its tops, or any other greens!

As for the hot dishes, the favorite delicacies in Georgia are not only the most tender chickens cooked in a creamy sauce, but also dishes from their giblets. For example, Kuchma chi. This dish is suitable for any feast, besides, if you really like it, you can repeat it in your kitchen without any problems.

Batumi is a port city. And what is a seaside resort without fish and seafood?

From fried trout to raw mussels, everything is incredibly delicious. In addition, with any of the dishes, including fish, you can try all Georgian sauces. There are several types of traditional tkemali, and there is always a sauce of sour cream and fresh herbs on the table.

If you are a sworn sweet tooth, then Georgia will become a place for you that is hard to leave! Georgians lovingly call their churchkhela “Georgian Snickers”, of course, with condemnation of that very real Snickers.

Churchkhela is made from steamed nuts (peanuts, almonds, walnuts, etc.), strung on a thread, and doused with a mixture of natural grape juice boiled with flour. The smell is very rich and thick, and the product itself is tasty, nutritious and healthy.

Also, dried round sheets are made from a mixture of grape juice and flour – the taste is very similar to our dried apples. All this splendor differs in color, which depends on which grape variety the dessert is made from.

Also, a mixture of grapes with flour is served in bowls, necessarily sprinkled with crushed walnuts. The main thing is that all these desserts do not contain preservatives, dyes and other industrial pleasures, but they are rich in vitamins!

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