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Best food delivery services in Moscow

Time Out chose 20 convenient Moscow delivery services – however, due to the high degree of congestion, grocery shopping is better planned in advance.

Delivery Club

Delivery Club is one of the most popular food delivery services, which offers hundreds of restaurants and cafes for every taste: from fast food from McDonald’s and Burger King to vegetarian menus from Vegan or desserts from Coffee mania. Bonus points are awarded for orders, which can then be exchanged for dishes, and the price in the application and on the website is the same as in the menus of the establishments themselves. Promotional offers are also available, but now you have to pay online – with the ONLINEPAY promo code there will be a 10% discount.

Yandex. Food”

Yandex. Food ”also provides a large selection of food from restaurants and cafes, which can be filtered by different food categories and cuisines. Sushi and pizza, shawarma and sandwiches, Georgian and Italian cuisine, healthy food and meals for children – everyone will find something for themselves. To get food as soon as possible, choose a nearby establishment – for this you just need to drive in your address or mark it on the map.

Yandex. Shop”

Yandex.Lavka operates in the format of an unusual store: instead of buyers and sellers, storekeepers walk around it, collecting orders, which will then be brought by a courier. They sell what we are looking for in an ordinary grocery store – bread and pastries, vegetables and fruits, dairy products and eggs, meat and fish, ready-made products, for example, from the Kaleb Nasuschny café and the Karavaev Brothers restaurant. There are also products for animals and household goods. Orders are delivered quickly, since they are collected not far from you, but Yandex.Lavka is not yet available in all districts.


SberMarket delivers groceries from Metro, Lente, VkusVill, Auchan and Azbuka Vuka stores. One app will eliminate the need to go in and search for groceries in four supermarkets. You can easily compare prices in all places at home, choose a product and buy everything you need to prepare breakfast, lunch and dinner.


In goods you can choose goods from Metro, Lente, VkusVill, Globus, Azbuka Vusi, Krause and Selous hypermarkets at original prices. The service is available in all districts of Moscow. Everything works very simply: enter your address, choose the store that is closest to you, put the goods in the online shopping cart and pay. Delivery of an order weighing less than 30 kg will cost 299 rubles, and the first time there is a preferential price of 199 rubles.

Save Time

With the help of the Save Time express delivery service, you can buy not only groceries in VkusVill, Perekrestok, Azbuka Vuka and Metro supermarkets, but also goods for animals in the Beethoven store, toys and food for children in Dusky Mir or in The Ship, books in The Republic and cosmetics in Rive Gauche. Conveniently, there is no minimum order amount – if you need one specific product, you will not have to collect a full basket for it.

“Chef market”

If you want to not only get rid of the need to go to the store, but also think about a new recipe, use the Shefmarket. You choose the menu and dishes, get the products you need to prepare it, and step-by-step photo recipes. There is, for example, the menu “Original”, “Family”, “Balanced” and a special section for quick meals that will be ready in twenty minutes. The recipe list is updated every week. You can subscribe to the service and get a 10% discount on each order and cashback.

“Kitchen in the area”

For those who have decided to relieve themselves of the obligation to fry, cook and bake at least for a while, the “Kitchen in the Region” will help. This is a local service that delivers ready-to-eat meals within a 1.5 km radius of their kitchen. This is not a restaurant or a café, the chef starts his work by directly receiving your order. Due to this, they promise to bring an even hotter dish. The menu is updated once a week, each kitchen has its own delivery area so that the order can be delivered faster.

“Alphabet of taste”

In the online store “Azbuka Vuka” you can see and buy a familiar product, the only “but” is that now, due to a large number of orders, the minimum amount and delivery cost have changed. If you live within the Moscow Ring Road or from the Moscow Ring Road to the Small Moscow Ring, you need to collect the goods for at least 5,000 rubles, and delivery will cost 399 rubles. Free shipping is available for orders over RUB 8,000. And those who will wait for food in areas from MMK to the borders of the Moscow Region will need to buy even more thoroughly – for 15,000 rubles, but delivery is then free. The courier with your order can be tracked on the map in real time.

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