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20 Awesome Egg Dishes You Must Make

Eggs can hardly be called a rare product on the Russian table. They are tasty, nutritious, satisfying and healthy. This is quite enough to get into the list of favorite products.

Eggs are a valuable source of vitamins and minerals, such as vitamins E, D, B, A, H, PP, K, calcium, phosphorus, iodine, iron, copper, potassium, and magnesium. Regular use of this product strengthens the immune system, improves the functioning of the cardiovascular system, and has a positive effect on the gastrointestinal tract. The advantages of chicken eggs do not end there.

Often, housewives do not want to experiment in cooking eggs, allegedly believing that not so many dishes can be made from them.  Meanwhile, eggs can be used to cook many different and very tasty dishes. Even the usual scrambled eggs and scrambled eggs can be decorated with additional ingredients and made to play in a completely new way.

We invite you to get acquainted with our delicious selection of 20 cool egg dishes that you must try.

To diversify the usual taste, it is enough to add spicy herbs to the list of ingredients. For example, parsley and dill.

Omelet with cheese and mushrooms

If you want to cook an even more satisfying omelet with an interesting taste, then you should expand the list of ingredients used a little. Add mushrooms and cheese. They are ideally combined with each other and with eggs. We share a delicious recipe.

French omelet in a mug

Dishes in a mug are already a fashion trend that everyone loves. Today, not only oatmeal is prepared in this way, but also many other dishes. For example, a French omelet. It will turn out tasty, healthy and very appetizing and stylish.

Omelets rolls with bacon and mushrooms

If you are already bored with the traditional omelet, then it’s time to experiment. Make omelets rolls with bacon and mushrooms. Such an interesting serving of the usual omelets will completely change your idea of ​​this dish. It is suitable for both family breakfasts and friendly parties.

Fried eggs in a jar with cheese and asparagus

In a jar, you can cook not only an omelet. Try to repeat the recipe for scrambled eggs in a jar with cheese and asparagus at home.

And this means that it is extremely beneficial for human health. The same can be said about eggs.  We know one win-win recipe – scrambled eggs with spinach.

Delicate omelets on bread

A tender omelets on bread turns out almost creamy. This recipe is perfect for lazy Sunday breakfasts with the family. Baked vegetables that literally melt in your mouth add originality to this dish.

Spanish tortilla

In Spain, they know a lot about egg dishes. What is the famous tortilla worth. Mandatory ingredients of this dish are eggs, potatoes and onions. It turns out very tasty, satisfying and very appetizing.

Poached egg on bread

If you haven’t tried making a poached egg yet, now is the time to fix it.

Millet porridge with poached egg

If you’re looking for something heartier but as delicious as a poached egg, then you don’t need to make up your mind. Just add it to millet porridge. It will turn out a very satisfying and appetizing dish that will energize you for the whole day ahead. We share the recipe.

Egg pate

Do you like pates very much? Then it’s time to open the boundaries of what is permitted, because they can be prepared not only from poultry and fish. Egg pate has excellent taste and will complement your breakfast or lunch.

Bun with bacon and egg

This dish looks very appetizing, and beckons with its smell. It’s almost impossible to resist. It is prepared very simply and quickly, and gastronomic impressions will remain with you for a very long time. Look for the recipe here.

Egg on toast

A dish within a dish is a favorite feature of many chefs. In such an intricate way, you can combine the simplest ingredients and get an unusually tasty, refined and mouth-watering dish. For example, egg on toast.

Egg in pepper

Another interesting and original version of a dish in a dish is an egg in pepper. Juicy, appetizing, beautiful and excites the taste buds.

Egg in avocado

An egg in an avocado will surely collect all conceivable and inconceivable likes on your Instagram. By the way, this dish is not only aesthetically very beautiful and appetizing, but also very tasty. Avocados are a valuable source of omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids, which are simply necessary for your body to function normally.

Egg and ham in a pancake

Egg and ham in a pancake is the dream of all gourmets. Here is such an easy way to make an ordinary breakfast unusual and interesting.

Potato salad with eggs

Eggs can also be used in salads. They turn out quite satisfying, nutritious and tasty. One such option is potato salad with eggs. Buttermilk, which is used in this recipe, can be safely replaced with yogurt or mayonnaise.

Portuguese Baked Eggs

In Portugal, eggs are baked with peppers, red onions, tomatoes and other delicious ingredients. This dish will become an ideal breakfast if you serve it to the table with fresh vegetables, toast bread and homemade lemonade. We share the recipe.

Eggs in white wine

From eggs you can cook gourmet dishes that are served in the best restaurants in the world. To do this, it is not at all necessary to be the chef of a fashionable restaurant or a culinary guru. Cook eggs in white wine. You yourself will understand everything.

Quail eggs stuffed with bacon

Stuffed eggs are another original and unusual way to serve eggs. It looks very impressive and appetizing. The taste of this dish is in no way inferior to the appearance. The filling can be very diverse. We suggest cooking quail eggs stuffed with bacon.

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