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The fashionable word “Superfood” today is customary to call all products in which the concentration of vitamins and nutrients reaches the highest level. This term is in no way medical and not scientific: it was picked up by merging companies from nutritionists and healthy nutrition, which were the first to open the world favor of cocoa beans, cabbage fell, spirulina and other rare products.

Speaking of super fids, many for some reason forget that in addition to hard-to-reach exotic seeds and roots, there are also “Russian folk” useful products that are quite proud, the fashionable title of Superfood. Today’s review – just about them.


Honey so often cuts us out and as the best sugar substitute, and as the most delicious cure for the cold, that we would never have to call this favorite product with superfood, but it is precisely such honey and is!

In the composition of natural honey there is everything to strengthen our immunity and enrich our body with vitamins and microelements: the mass of vitamins of the group B, vitamins E, C and A, potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, iodine and zinc, natural phytoncides and phytogarmones.

Fans of honey boasts a strong immunity, calm sleep (honey has a sedative effect and is useful for nervous diseases), lack of problems with digestion and iron content in the blood.

Cedar nuts

Another our favorite superfood, which many fell in love as a child, are cedar nuts. The Vitamin complex in, fat-insulating vitamins E and P, phosphorus, iodine (which is so not enough Siberians), the daily need of amino acids and a mass of deficient trace elements (for example, zinc).

Be sure to turn on the cedar nuts in their diet: they are not only very tasty, but also incredibly useful, especially in the diseases of the stomach, problems with thyroid gland and immunodeficiency.

As a super fid, cedar nuts are best added to various dishes, for example, in salads (here, by the way, a wonderful recipe for cauliflower salad with mint and cedar nuts) and sauces. The most popular cedar sauce is the legendary pesto.

Sea ​​buckthorn

For an incredible amount in its composition of vitamin C, as well as the characteristic sour-sweet taste and aroma in the west, sea buckthorn was painted by “Siberian Pineapple”, that’s just sea buckthorn, perhaps, would have reached with overseas fruit for the title of Superfood and would have come out the winner: it is so rich in vitamins .

The content of vitamin E is nearing it seems to be infinity (according to this figure of the sea buckthorn – the first product in Russia), it is rich in vitamins of the group B, as well as essential vitamins A and C, microelements, sugars, organic acids, antioxidants and salts necessary for Maintain the health of our body.

The bunch of favorably affects the metabolism, improves the composition of the blood, strengthens the immunity and helps prevent ulcerative stomach diseases. Add it into your drinks – do vitamin cocktails on it and warming teas.


Like other Russian Superfluid, the cranberries is primarily rich in vitamin C – the main fighter with colds infections and the defender of our immunity. Due to the high content of magnesium, the cranberry is recommended to include in the diet to people experiencing problems with the cardiovascular system: for example, cranberry hypertensive will help reduce increased pressure.

Positive cranberries affects metabolism – its berries are rich in pectin and fiber, and that is why cranberry juice improves digestion and stimulates the intestinal work, and also perfectly cleans the body from slags and toxins.

Cranberry contains natural preservatives that allow berries to be perfectly saved in simple boiled water: do not boil the cranberry itself to save all its useful properties. Eat cranberry with sugar, add it to porridge, prepare cranberry fruits and smoothies: In any case, with this superfood you will get nutritious, delicious and very useful dishes.

Rowan blackfold

The beneficial properties of the black-flow rowan world became known to be quite late, only in the XIX century. However, after that, this shrub ceased to use exclusively in decorative purposes, starting to talk about him as the most valuable Russian superfine.

The black-like rowan is rich in vitamins literally in alphabetical order – these are the most important vitamins A, B, S. E and many other, contains a lot of essential trace elements, useful substances, organic acids and fiber.

This low-calorie berry (50 kilocalories per 100 grams) helps maintain blood glucose levels, strengthens immunity, prevents the growth of adipose tissue, cleans the body from slags and toxins and normalizes the intestinal operation. Fresh black rowan juice is perfectly suitable for everyone who wants to stay in a tone and protect their health.

Rose hip

The second name of Ryshovnik – “Lecter of the Forest”, and he received it nickname for truly unique healing properties. For example, it contains several times more vitamin C than black currant and lemon – therefore, it is almost the best means to combat inflammatory and infectious diseases.

Everyone who is watching their weight should pay attention to the robe due to the metabolism of properties, due to the metabolism of the properties: it improves the metabolism, removes harmful connections from the body and helps maintain a common tone of the body.

Add this superfood in sauces and drinks, make it jam and liqueurs from it or simply brew rose hips in water and take such an infusion to combat fatigue and the first signs of colds.

Black currant

Black currant, probably, can be bolded to call the most delicious and most beloved Russian superfood rich in vitamin C. In addition to this vitamin, the berry contains vitamins of group B, as well as vitamins D and E, potassium, phosphorus, organic acids, pectin’s, essential oils and tanning substances.

Currant is an excellent anti-inflammatory remedy, but do not forget about its other useful properties: it tones and calms the nervous system, removes the headache and improves sleep, strengthens the cardiovascular system, cleanses the body from slags and toxins, normalizes blood sugar levels.

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