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Best Weight Loss foods

Do you want to get rid of extra pounds, but you can’t? Then you are probably doing something wrong. With the right weight loss tips, you can achieve incredible results. In this article, we will tell you how to change your menu in such a way that kilograms disappear and the result in the mirror pleases you. You do not need to adhere to radical diets, starve and overexerted. All you need to do is add weight loss foods to your diet and change your eating habits a bit. With such changes, the results will not be long in coming. You do not believe? Try it and make sure!

Changes in the kitchen

First, replace frying and baking with steaming. The food will be tastier, healthier and without extra calories. For example, you can stew in a “Roman” (clay) cauldron, in which you can cook vegetables, fish and meat without fat. And if we talk about fish, then bet on the sea. It is low in calories, and the iodine it contains causes the thyroid gland to burn more calories.

Harmful snacks

Do you love fast food? Instead of salty chips, choose foods for weight loss – raw vegetables. We understand that this is not as tasty as a package of potato delicacies, but trust me, your body will appreciate it and you will not have any remorse. Vegetables are also great as a snack. They supply vitamins to the body and thus start the metabolism. If you prefer sweets, eat almonds. The kernels contain a lot of chromium, suppress the appetite for sweets and burn more fat. Remember not to overdo it, so treat yourself to just one handful a day. Can’t live without chocolate? Limit yourself to a tile a day.

Another great substitute for sweets is mango. Delicious fragrant fruit supplies the body with nutrients. Dried apricots are also a great option. They have a sweet taste and won’t harm your figure. The fiber they contain is good for proper digestion. But the simplest solution is to hide everything sweet. If you can’t see it, you want to eat it less!

Walks and sports

Forget the elevator. Climb the stairs at every opportunity to burn a lot of calories. The best means of combating excess weight is regular movement.  If the weight doesn’t drop down the scale, don’t worry. Weigh yourself only once a month. This will avoid pressure surges. Instead, pay attention to how your clothes fit. Centimeters will tell you much more about the state of the figure than kilograms.

Instead of eating carbohydrates in the evening, bet on protein. They activate fat burning and are the best evening meal option for those who want to lose weight. For more effective fat burning during sleep, the temperature in the bedroom should be 18 ° C.

Eat while seated

Always sit down while eating. This tip will help the body to efficiently break down fats, and not store them in the folds on the body.

And the main advice at the end – laugh! Without mental well-being, it simply will not work. Smiling and sincere laughter activate the happiness hormone, which produces hormones that break down excess fat.

Simple Foods to Boost Your Metabolism

Liquor ice root. Did you know that licorice reduces body fat and stimulates the body’s metabolism?
Beet. Beetroot definitely should not be missing in your kitchen. It is not only full of vitamins, but also contains betaine, an active substance that promotes the breakdown of fats;

Apples. Have you heard of the apple diet? Eat one apple with peel and seeds every day. The over 200 organics found in these juicy fruits will help you burn fat effectively;
Red wine. Make meat with red wine! Indeed.  This is the only alcoholic drink that is allowed during the diet;

Spices. Don’t be afraid of hot spices. The secret of harmony of oriental women lies in a paste of fiery chili peppers and garlic. These spicy flavors are a fat burning trigger. At the same time, spices with a strong aroma, such as curry or cinnamon, irritate the taste buds. Parsley, basil, garlic, thyme, sage and other herbs are much better than salt. Less salt intake prevents fluid retention in the body and improves weight loss;

According to the results of the study, the combustible substance capsaicin reduces appetite and at the same time increases fat burning. Another study found that eating 1g of red chili reduced appetite and promoted fat burning in people who did not eat hot peppers regularly. However, no effect was observed in people who were accustomed to regularly eating spicy foods. It is therefore possible that chili drinkers develop a certain level of tolerance to capsaicin;

Water. If you feel hungry, try to stand for 15 minutes without eating. During this time, your body produces the hormone glucagon, which burns fat.  You fill it with water and divert attention from food.  The taste of peppermint can reliably drive away a sudden attack of hunger;
Ginger. When you wake up, have a cup of ginger tea. Ginger aids digestion and metabolism. If you don’t like ginger, try mate tea. It contains caffeine, which promotes fat burning. Drink 1 cup of this tea half an hour before lunch;
Green vegetables. A healthy diet is not complete without vegetables. Eating vegetables has a positive effect on immunity, digestion and mental well-being.

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