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Food hunting. How do people who switched to a healthy diet live?

“We used to live like all ordinary people, ate everything that is in stores, and never read the ingredients of the products,” says Elena This is usually referred to as an allergy, but some believe that allergies as such do not exist. The body simply accumulates various chemicals that are in food.

and are not excreted anywhere. The rashes on her body came and came back, and then she began to lose her sight. The doctors said that the child would go completely blind, we were not even given a chance that anything would change. They said the disease was incurable. We passed a lot of tests, changed many doctors and hospitals.

We got to the immunologist, who said that the disease was due to viruses. Then we completely eliminated sugar, because it “feeds” these viruses, and the disease went away.

I believe that there is no allergy – there is only “chemistry” in our food industry that we consume. If you go to a regular retailer, you will not find products without preservatives and flavorings. Now my daughter is 14, she is completely healthy, and we are the only ones who have been cured of this disease by an ophthalmologist at the site.

The whole family switched to natural products. At first it was hard, they didn’t know where to buy food and couldn’t find anything in the stores. The transition to a healthy diet took a year. First, sugar was replaced with honey—during the winter, a family of six people ate six three-liter jars of village honey. Gradually eliminated all products containing food additives (dyes, preservatives, antioxidants, stabilizers, emulsifiers, sweeteners.

flavor enhancers, and so on). Typically, such additives are indicated in the composition of the product in the form of the letter “E” and a three-digit number. You can read more about these food additives on the website of Rospotrebnadzor. Elena and Ilya began to carefully read the composition of products and stopped using supermarkets. They grow all the vegetables in their dacha in the village and freeze them for the winter.

For those who cannot grow vegetables on their own, they are advised to buy them from farmers and also make preparations for the winter. Elena and Ilya believe that all vegetables and fruits sold in winter are not natural. Therefore, if you want to eat fresh and natural vegetables and fruits, you can only do this in the summer. Meat Elena and Ilya buy only farm meat, mayonnaise.

ketchup and other sauces are prepared by themselves. They also bake bread themselves, and even buy flour for it not in a store, but from a local farmer. Sweets are eaten only without sugar, and homemade cakes are also prepared. Water is ordered from a spring, and juices were replaced with home-made compotes. Elena and Ilya in stores advise paying attention to Halal products and European-made products, but be sure to read the ingredients.

“When you switch to a quality product, then you simply cannot eat anything from the store,” says Ilya. “When you try it somewhere, you think: how do people even eat this? It’s just tasteless. There are practically no natural products in supermarkets – this is unprofitable. In stores, even salt is all with an anti-caking agent – read the compositions.

A natural product is expensive to create, on average, farm products cost 30% more than conventional products. Extra virgin olive oil will always cost a thousand rubles, and there will be a cheaper product right there. Farm products are a very expensive business, they are expensive, but the consumption of the farm product is much less. For example, a whole chicken from the store is enough for one soup, and a farm chicken is larger, and one leg is needed for the fat. Natural meat is different in quality, you eat less of it. There is not much consumption. And tastier of course.

“We do not agitate people to give up meat, you need to listen to your body and not go to extremes,” Elena adds You can’t buy meat in stores, they must be some kind of farm shops or private households. Of course, it costs more, but at least it will benefit the body.

Elena and Ilya are constantly in search of natural products – this is a real hunt. At the same time, not all farmers are conscientious, and the products have to be “tested for themselves”. Some manufacturers simply write the word “bio”, “eco” or “natural” on the label and raise the price, while the product contains chemical food additives in the same way. It’s just business.

“Our dream is to have health food stores instead of pharmacies. There are more and more pharmacies, but the problem with food is brewing,” Elena and Ilya believe. — We — what we eat. We drink water and eat bread – these are the two main products, and they are already of poor quality. So what about health? Now the topic of healthy eating has become popular, because it is inevitable. The culture of consumption that exists now leads to serious illnesses for an entire generation. The state must decide something with the food industry.”

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