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Eating in Istanbul – Turkish Cuisine Delights

Animals are slaughtered in a special way for the preparation of meat dishes. On the table there is always delicious, incomparable bread, which also has many varieties. Turks treat soups, appetizers and sauces in a special way. The fame of the famous oriental sweets goes all over the world.

Soups and stews

Soup is the basis of the Turkish meal and can be served at any time of the day. There are different variations of broths and types of soups:

on traditional, meat or fish, broth;
vegetable, dressed with rice, noodles and yogurt;
pureed soups generously seasoned with butter;
soups seasoned with egg and lemon juice.
One of the most popular soups for residents of Istanbul itself is Tarhana Cherkasy. Its basis is a pre-prepared mixture of dried tomatoes, peppers, onions, with the addition of flour and, which is quite exotic for soup, yeast.

The prepared dry mixture is first diluted to a paste, and then to the desired consistency and boiled. Topped with yogurt and served with fresh bread.

You can try the soup in any café or tavern, for example, “Kybele Café” at Erbakan Cad.35. Cost: Approximately $2 per serving.

Lentil soups are also popular in the East. They are made with green and red lentils, often have a thick texture and are flavored with aromatic herbs and spices.

For example, the mercimercorbasi stew (ZiyaBaba café, Kuku Ayasofya Liman Cad., 136. Cost $2) is flavored with hot pepper and fresh mint, has a rich taste and has been known since the time of the prophet.

Restaurants offer more sophisticated options for hot Turkish soups. You can try the most delicate version of chicken soup with cream, garlic and thyme at the Tamara restaurant on Kucukayasofya Caddies Street 28 for only $5.

Meat dishes

The Turks are not original in their love for meat delicacies. But local kebabs and kebabs are distinguished by incredible juiciness and flavor, thanks to old recipes and strict adherence to cooking techniques.

Juicy balls of selected chopped lamb, with the addition of aromatic herbs and spices, stewed in vegetable broth, kadinbudu kofta, will be offered to you at the Osmani restaurant in the central Levant district of Istanbul. The entire dinner here will cost 10-15 dollars.

Open-air café “Istanbul Anatolia”, Divinyl Cad takes until late in the evening. Ticarethane Suk., 21/A. Prices for a great dinner are 15-30 dollars.

The most popular type of barbecue is shish kebab (Beas izard restaurant, Kiliccilar Soak, 14. Price $15). It consists of small pieces of meat fried over coals in a special way. Retain juice and aroma.

Diner is an interesting kind of barbecue, when pieces of lamb meat are strung on a skewer, alternately with well-knocked balls of minced meat. This dish is cooked on a vertical grill, and large pieces of roasted lamb are cut off gradually. Offered at kebab parlors and restaurants, such as Culhane Kebab House at Almeda Mahi. Alaykosku Caddies, 22A. A large portion will cost $15.

Kyoto are very common in Turkey. There are many recipes for these unusually tender, juicy meatballs. The meat for them is chopped by hand for a long time and mixed, then, with herbs, eggs, spices. Kyoto are stewed in broth or sauce and often served with green salad and tortillas. Some of the best kofta are served at the Adora Restaurant on Hudavendigar Caddies Erdogan Suk., 14. The cost of a large portion is $20-25.

Kofta, kebabs and Turkish kebabs are served in most restaurants. Everywhere has its own peculiarities of preparation and serving, sauces and types of bread can vary, and various salads for appetizers are offered. Meat dishes are united by one thing – the excellent quality of meat and the love invested in cooking.

In general, kebabs in Turkey are considered fast food, but it’s hard to imagine that the army of fans of a delicious meat dish will ever become scarce. Travelers who come to Istanbul consider food prices very affordable and try to get to know the features of local culinary delights as much as possible.

Turkish pastries

Both bread and numerous savory pastries are unambiguously considered a staple in Turkish cuisine. They are always present on the table and may well be an independent dish. Breads are consumed with various liquid sauces or used as an addition to main dishes.

Simit bagels are extremely popular on the streets of Istanbul. It can be just a bagel sprinkled with sesame seeds, or its more satisfying version. Merchants offer simits with cheese, olives, sausage, and complex puff filling. Covered carts can be found everywhere. And everywhere you will be offered the freshest bagel, literally, for half a dollar.

Always the freshest pastries in a cozy café “Hafiz Mustafa” on Hobart Mahalebs Street, Hemidine Caddies, 84. The cost of pita with juicy meat filling is $ 2.5. If you want to know the recipes for acme, go here, Imam Baldly – here, you will find more recipes for Guardia, Turkish Locum, Kurabiye and Arian drink on the relevant sites.

Street food in Istanbul is also associated with common types of savory flatbreads: golem, pied and lahmajun. They are all used to wrap various fillings, which is very popular in Turkey. Usually, the filling is pieces of pre-fried meat, aromatic sauce, baked vegetables, sheep cheese are added.

A portion of such a dish costs no more than $ 2. You can taste it at the Beas izard café at Kiliccilar Soak, 14.

In addition to pleasures for the stomach, there is a lot in Istanbul for the soul and body. These are architectural sights that can be seen in the article. Magnificent palaces, temples, cathedrals, mosques, museums, parks (Culhane Park) and much more.

Desserts and sweets

Real Turkish ice cream is very different from the traditional dairy product we know. This dessert contains more molasses, fruit extracts and ice, but still has a viscous form and is attractive in appearance. Goat milk is added to some varieties, which also affects the unusual taste.

Many varieties of an unusual cold dessert can be tasted at the Madoc Café in the Breyfogle district of Istanbul, at the Hafiz Mustafa Café at Hobart Mahalebs, Hemidine Caddies, 84.

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