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11 inexpensive fast foods that make you want to eat every day

11 inexpensive fast foods that make you want to eat every day

We asked readers which fast food they trust with their wallet and health.


The most top, of course, is a sub with salmon in Subway. Cream cheese is smeared on a black rye bun, mozzarella grated on a fine grater is sure to be added. This is all put in the oven for 15 seconds. They take out and carefully place the fresh, freshly selected Chilean salmon, just taken from the sealed vacuum packaging.

The next stop is, of course, vegetables. It’s not for everyone, but I like the multiple fireworks of flavors in my mouth: fresh lettuce, olives, fresh and pickled cucumbers, pieces of juicy tomatoes and, of course, His Majesty jalapeno pepper, where without it!

Of course, there are a lot of sauces, but I would recommend not to experiment – it is better to take a barbecue: obviously, it has the brightest taste.

Like this. 179 rubles make their way at the checkout, and you go to the country of multiple gastronomic orgasms.

“Baby Potato”

Definitely “Baby Potato”. I support this brand very much, I usually take a sandwich with ham and cheese, potatoes from the main menu with cheese, butter, ham and cheese. Well, a seagull! It turns out conditionally useful, but most importantly – ubertasty. It’s a pity that they close outlets rather than open new ones.

“Dodo Pizza”

Dodo Pizza is the best pizza in Russia. Expensive for such pizzerias, but tasty. Always focus on quality and safety. It is profitable to have breakfast: a slice of pizza with coffee will cost 95 rubles. You can have lunch with a 25 cm pizza with a drink for 345 rubles. There are also great potatoes, chicken pieces, potato pancakes, wings – all from the oven without the addition of oil. They have the best cheap coffee.


At McDonald’s I get a cheeseburger, Big Tasty, French fries, and country fries with cheese sauce. I always order ice cream, cones and McFluries, milkshakes, orange juice. In any food court, I regularly see queues only at Mac and KFC. All other fast foods are very rare and forced.

“Three Rules”

My wife and I used to prefer McDonald’s when we needed a quick bite to eat somewhere. Now we try to eat in the Three Rules network, we are even ready to drive for 20 minutes for this. The network has healthy food, more or less adequate price, acceptable taste and an ever-increasing choice of dishes. This is something new in fast food. I tried to compare with the Prime cafe, but it’s more expensive and tasteless,


The most favorite is Wai Me!, delicious Georgian food at very reasonable prices. If you use promotions, it turns out to be generally cheap, and the quality is at the level of the same “Khachapuri” with a completely different cost of dishes.

“Burger Club”

I recommend Burger Club. Excellent mince burgers made from black angus meat and with real tasty bread, not cotton buns for the price of the same Poppy. The only negative is that in Moscow you can count on the fingers. If you see an institution – be sure to come and try.


I definitely recommend KFC to everyone! It shows that you are eating chicken, and not unknown with what ground meat. Naturally, this is my personal opinion. It may not converge with someone, therefore, without aggression.

“Shook” and “The Old Man and the Sea”

I choose Shuk or The Old Man and the Sea. One owner, awesome seafood, huge portions. Shuka also has all sorts of Middle Eastern food like falafel and hummus. In The Old Man and the Sea, the emphasis, of course, is on the fish. The freshest, the tastiest. Oh, I’m tearing up right now.

The most budgetary is Cofix. Here everything is for 60-120 rubles. I take fresh carrots, quiche, salads and desserts there. My favorite is the lemon tart.

“Kitchen in the area”
In my opinion, the “Kitchen in the District” delivery beats everyone, at least in Moscow! This is not straight fast food, there are spaghetti with steaks, and various breakfasts like cereals, salads or soups. The coolest thing is that they bring food insanely fast, which is why the delivery area is not very large. Oh, and the prices are great! Where else can you order an excellent omelette for the morning for 150-200 rubles, which will be delivered within 25-30 minutes?

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