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10 Most Delicious Indian Street Foods

10 Most Delicious Indian Street Foods

Indian street food is full of different spices and ingredients that bring out every single taste. If you love new experiences and tastes, then India’s street food is something you should try. Street food, which will be discussed below, is the most famous food in this country.

Here is our list of India’s tastiest and most popular street foods.

Kachori cheese

There is nothing better than a crunchy snack while exploring the city. Kachori cheese is a crispy, flaky and absolutely delicious snack for people of all ages. Inside it is stuffed with paneer and mozzarella cheese which tastes just the best.


Malpua is a simple omelette with a twist! The eggs are a bit oily and the top is milk like sauce. You can also use the sauce alone to dip the eggs in. And the taste? It’s sweet and buttery and a must try.

Masala Dosa


This is the perfect breakfast to start your day. The dough is prepared in such a way that it is crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. The dish is made from potatoes with a touch of mustard seeds, onions, grated coconuts, turmeric and more. Even the locals line up for this meal.


Here we have a popular snack in southern India. If you try these tiny balls of dosa with coconut chutney (sauce), you will not forget its taste. It’s sweet, delicious, and makes for a great snack to eat while chatting with friends.

Homemade Indian panipuri

You really should try this as pani puri is one of the best street food in India. This little water bomb is the perfect size and you can eat it in one bite. The taste of the dish is absolutely unique. Before use, the ball is pressed with a finger and the broth with various spices and additives is poured inside.

Pav bhaji

Pav bhaji masala.

This is a very easy way to enjoy food. You dip buttery buns in a chic tomato sauce, and that’s it. The buns are really delicious! The tomato sauce contains a mixture of tomatoes, onions and other vegetables. One bite and you’ll want more.

Quail eggs on sticks

These are quail eggs fried in a special frying pan attached to a stick. After roasting, the seller will pour some special sauce on it, and you can try it. Indian street food is full of spices and you will love it for sure.

Tandoori chickens

With garlic, red chili paste, lemon juice and other ingredients, this dish tastes amazing. Even the process of cooking this dish in a tandoori oven is unique. Taste the real Indian flavour.

Vada Pav

India also has vegetable street food for vegetarians. Vada pav is like an Indian burger. The bun is crispy and the filling inside is full of vegetables and spices. The dish is small and incredibly tasty.

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