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10 main dishes of Indian cuisine

No wonder Indian cuisine has so many fans all over the world. We will tell you what every tourist needs to try in India: we have compiled a list of the 10 most popular dishes with descriptions and photos. Curries, soups, unusual vegetables, paneer, pastries – the selection is varied. We will advise you on what products to bring home in order to master the art of the national cuisine of this country.

Curry is both a food and a mixture of spices for its preparation.  Try all Indian curries: meat, chicken, fish, vegetable, vegetarian with tofu or beans. Most of the dishes that are prepared in India can be attributed to food called carry.

It is always something fragrant and spicy, moderately thick, sometimes spicy, usually yellowish-orange in color (but this is not necessary). It is always a stew, so it has a creamy, often creamy, consistency.  Contrary to misconceptions, this is not necessarily something spicy. Curries are usually served with rice or flatbread.


The most popular dish of Indian cuisine, which is definitely worth a try for every tourist. Thick puree soup with a unique spicy aroma will appeal to vegetarians and connoisseurs of fragrant spices. In India, you can eat at least a couple of dozen variations of this stew.

Dal is prepared from lentils, mung beans, peas or other beans (and sometimes all at once). A little onion, tomatoes, garlic, turmeric, spices are added to it.

Sometimes dal is cooked in coconut milk with lemon juice, which gives it a special creamy texture. There are so many variations of this dish in India that it can become an appetizer for breakfast, soup for lunch or a side dish for dinner.

Tandoori Chicken

One of the most recognizable dishes of Indian cuisine, which is liked by many tourists. Pleasant sharpness, delicate taste of meat, appetizing crust of a recognizable red color – the chicken is really good. “Tandoori chicken” is made from chicken or chicken thighs marinated in yogurt with garam masala spices, chili and cayenne pepper. Traditionally, the meat is baked in a special tandoori oven. Tandoori Chicken is usually served with onions, herbs and lemon – a must try.

Palak Panir

Soup-puree of rich green color is recommended to try every vegetarian in India. It will also appeal to connoisseurs of light meals. The soup is not oversaturated with spices, and therefore it can be advised to beginners who are just joining Indian cuisine.

If you like Adyghe cheese, then you should appreciate paneer – this is a very similar product in taste. It is he who underlies this Indian soup, and “Palak” is spinach. Incredibly delicate creamy sauce, a little mixture of garam masala, turmeric and ginger, ghee butter – the dish turns out to be fantastically tasty, slightly spicy, with an interesting silky texture.


Simply put, biryani is an Indian pilaf with lots of spices. This dish of national cuisine is considered traditional in India, but there are really many recipes for its preparation. Biryani is cooked with lamb, chicken, fish, eggs or vegetables, so every tourist can find an option to their liking. Fragrant ghee, spices and dried herbs give Indian pilaf a special taste. The classic dish is not spicy at all, but sometimes there is cayenne pepper in the composition.


A very popular Indian dish in Europe, you should definitely try it in its homeland. Korma is a delicate creamy cream based on yogurt, coconut milk, crushed nuts and fragrant spices. The main ingredient can be lamb or chicken.

and vegetarians should try 9 vegetable korma (narrating korma) on vacation in India. If you like “fiery” food, order the spicy option. Just in case, we will warn you that “no spicy” feed is also a spicy (but not excessive) dish, which contains hot peppers.

Makhan Murg

In Europe, the dish is often called Indian butter chicken – that is, Indian butter chicken. Despite the name, this food in India is also prepared for vegetarians, replacing meat with tofu. Whatever the main character of the murg makhani, the pieces are surprisingly tender.

melting in the mouth. All thanks to the fragrant creamy tomato curry sauce.  The chicken is marinated in spiced yoghurt for several hours and then baked in a tandoor. Only then it is stewed in a thick sauce with a whole bunch of spices. Cashew sauce and fresh greens harmoniously complement this incredibly tasty dish, which is definitely worth trying in India, and not in a European Indian restaurant.

Aloo Gobi

One of the best vegetarian vegetable curries in India. The skillful combination of the simplest products impresses many tourists. Even if you are sure that you do not like cauliflower (namely, it is the main character of this Indian dish).

The second main component of alu gobi is potatoes. Thanks to turmeric, the dish has a bright orange color. And garlic, ginger, onion, coriander, cumin and many other spices give it a fantastic aroma.

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