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10 main dishes of Abkhazian cuisine:

But lamb, poultry, a variety of vegetables and pastries are often cooked.  Descriptions of local dishes with photos will help you not to miss anything.

Abkhaz shish kebab

Barbecue in Abkhazia is tried by almost all tourists. We recommend eating at least two versions of this dish. The first is “ashy deny” or fresh meat skewers. Small pieces of lamb or beef are fried on skewers interspersed with pieces of lard. In the process, they are poured with pomegranate juice or black wine with the addition of adjika. The taste is just fantastic! The second option is “liar deny” or smoked meat on a spit. Small mouth-watering pieces are roasted on coals and served with herbs, onions, great sauces and vegetables.


Be sure to try the legendary Caucasian bean dish in Abkhazia. It is prepared from red beans with many spices and spices.  Crushed walnuts and some pomegranate seeds are often added to the finished dish. Lobito in Abkhazia is usually prepared vegetarian, but there are options with smoked meat. It is customary to serve it with traditional tandoor bread. If you decide to order a dish in an Abkhazian restaurant, take it for two. Lobito is usually cooked in pots in large portions.

Abkhazian hodgepodge

Of the soups in Abkhazia, you must definitely try the hodgepodge.  Solanki is served with a lot of greens and always with cakes or bread.



In Abkhazia, it is difficult to catch the familiar names of khachapuri with a glance. If you ordered “Meletian”, “Mingrelian” or “Adjara” in restaurants of Caucasian cuisine, then choose your favorite option according to its external similarity. We advise beginners to try everything – everyone is good in their own way. .


A more familiar name for Abkhazian corn porridge is hominy. Abita is always eaten: both on weekdays and on holidays. Most often, it is boiled in a large cauldron or cast iron pot made from cornmeal or grits. Be sure to thick consistency, without salt. Hominy is laid out on plates in slides, inside of which pieces of suluguni are placed, sometimes with adjika and mint. As a result, abyssal tastes like corn and cheese cakes. The dish is even eaten with hands. So hominy can successfully replace bread.

Although in Abkhazian

Think charkha is soup? Maybe. But not in Abkhazia. Here it is lamb in a thick sauce based on a strong broth with walnuts. Skillfully selected spices add spice to the dish. Trying charkha in Abkhazia is a must with abyssal or khachapuri. Break off the tortilla and dip into the thick meat gravy – the taste is just fantastic!


A flatbread or bun made from cornmeal baked in a tandoor. It is of a dense consistency, easily broken by hands, usually fresh. Chore in Sukhumi, Pitsunda, Gagra and other cities of Abkhazia is worth trying as an appetizer with a vegetable or light meat dish. For locals, this pastry replaces bread. However, the Abkhazian chuker can also be an independent dish. Corn tortillas are sometimes stuffed with beans, cheese, or even meat.


Of the cold appetizers in Abkhazia, you must definitely try this particular dish. It is prepared from eggplant with walnuts. The vegetable is cut into thin slices and then fried in oil. Eggplants are rolled up and stuffed. The filling is nut paste with garlic, butter, spices. It turns out a hearty, pleasantly refreshing dish. Not a single feast in Abkhazia is complete without it.

Chicken in the bag

Or Abkhazian chicken in walnut sauce.  A thick dressing is made from crushed walnuts, garlic, pepper, cinnamon, sanely hops and cilantro.  – take any, you won’t lose.

dried persimmon

For dessert, we advise you to take not only churchkhela or local jams. Be sure to try dried persimmon in Abkhazia (in the photo – in the foreground). It looks extremely unattractive: red-brown shriveled fruits, repulsive white bloom. But it tastes amazing.  Take note: this is an ideal gift from Abkhazia as a gift for a sweet tooth and an excellent dessert for tea.

It is interesting to taste the national dishes of Abkhazia not only in restaurants. Combine business with pleasure. Embark on an action-packed tour of the beautiful scenic region. Gagra, New Athos, Lake Rita, waterfalls – all the most beautiful objects of Abkhazia can be seen in 1 day. On the way you will find interesting stories, important facts, a story about the visiting cards of the region. Later in the traditional apatskhe you will taste the best dishes of the Abkhazian cuisine. Details and reviews of tourists about the tour can be found at this link.


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